Trading No More Stardate: [-27] 07165.00

* Due to visual constraints, I had to limit screen-time significantly, has been very challenging these past years, having had surgical procedures done, it is prudent to take extra care of them now more than ever.  I no longer trade actively, monitoring our stock market puts a heavy strain on my eyes.  Thanks for understanding.

As some of you may know, I have been struggling with my vision for a while now, I had a transplant almost two decades ago and things were going great until a couple of years back.  I've been trying to better my vision since, finding new ways and technologies; changing spectacles for so many times I've lost count.  From thick eyeglasses to specialized contact lenses, I've tried most of them.

Tried to get back into active trading on every new pair of lenses, but it's just too stressful on my eyes; headaches and eyestrain every time, I had to stop for my eyes, for my health.  I've accepted my circumstances and I've adopting accordingly; lessened computer use to almost nil; and stopped driving altogether.

I've personally apologized to most of my clients, and I would also like to publicly apologize to everyone for my inactivity.