* Due to visual constraints, I had to limit screen-time significantly, my.vision has been very challenging these past years, having had surgical procedures done, it is prudent to take extra care of them now more than ever.  I no longer trade actively, monitoring our stock market puts a heavy strain on my eyes.  Thanks for understanding.

My journey into the stock market industry started a few years ago, I was then employing a more passive approach; a hear / buy / hold / forget strategy; what I hear from friends and relatives is what I buy and hold, thence eventually forget in the process.

Like most, I started out my active trading with COL Financial, First Metro Securities, and Philstocks. Went through all those newbie experiences but I was determined and having fun nonetheless.  I took my own initiative to immerse myself in learning this industry.

Frequenting forums and groups, and reading books and blogs got me familiarized with what the stock market is all about.  I even subscribed to premium advisory services such as SF Barracks Chat, The Tsupitero Newsletter, PinoyInvestor Premium Access and a few others.

Took the basic and advanced short courses offered by PSE was my first formal step.  I then attended the Certified Securities Specialist Course, a 15 weekend program held at the University of Santo Tomas.  Immediately after, I finished a full 8 week intensive course at the Caylum Trading Institute by COL Financial.

After those exhaustive courses, an opportunity opened up, passed the certified securities representative exam, and got associated as a broker-agent with Philstocks Financial, Inc.

My trading style is back to basics, after studying so many strategies and tactics; keeping it smart and simple is my way.  Nowadays, I am more of a balanced trader, not too aggressive but not too conservative either.  My goal is simply to beat mutual fund performances year on year.  As for the details, attend one of my lectures or let's meetup over a cup of coffee.

Outside of the equities world, I also have an internet café business in SM City Baguio.  And I help out with my mom's shoe store, my dad's barbershop, and our taxi cabs.  Tried several other businesses in the past but they didn't work out; cut my losses, charged them to experience and moved forward.

My educational background was in the computer sciences and information technology field at Saint Louis University and at the University of Baguio.  Out of my own initiative, I took leadership courses; Francis Kong's Success Through Excellence, PSI Leadership Intensive Workshops, Herv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive, and John Maxwell's Leadership Summit to name a few.

My past associations are with the Rotary Club of Baguio Sunrise and the Baguio Professionals Toastmasters Club.

That’s it for now, will add when time permits.

I would like to thank everyone who have helped me grow in this industry: 
Cleofe Banda, Nestor Banda, Edmund Lee, Lawrence Lee, Edward Lee, Sandra Yu, Nikki Yu, Miko Sayo, Juan Sena, Terence Chan, Frank Co, Gavin Lee, Leonard Chua, Jason Cam, Roger Coo, Bryan Gomez, Jonathan Ravelas, Khom Zaman, Mark Jason Mariposa, Aaron Say, William Bayona, Richad Pacheco, Roy Reyes, Sandy Gilles, Tony Herbosa, Fred Miguel, Remigio Ocampo, Spyfrat, Shoyu Ramen, Zeefreaks, Legacy, Dragon, Newtoys, Tmac, Imbang Klase, TradingOps, Desert Storm and to all those I haven't mentioned yet, thank you!

Jerome Banda

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