This page is dedicated for keratoconus awareness, an eye condition that challenges me everyday.

Focusing on a visual activity often gives me a headache, makes me squint frequently, and strains the eyes fairly quickly.  Sensitive to light, like the song Sunglasses at Night, I wear my sunglasses at night and all day long; more of a specialized eyeglasses with clip-on shades to be exact. Nowadays, I have a couple of lenses in my arsenal, one for reading and one for distance, to get me through the day everyday.  Driving is a challenge as well specially at night, blinded by those bright lights everywhere.  At the end of the day, I survived and I am blessed to have doctors who have helped me along the way to be as awesome as I am today.

Will add more info here when time permits; for now, here are some images of how we see the world around us...

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