As pioneer in technology-driven stock market industryPhilstocks™ provides a wide range of tools and platforms to make the stock market more accessible to the investing public.

Philstocks™ continuously develops for innovative ways to give investors the capacity to manage their stock investments –  straight from their fingertips.

For investors and traders who are adept with technology and who are more comfortable about investing independently, our online trading services are made accessible for you.

Benefits of Online Trading

As the internet becomes more accessible, so are the ways to invest in the stock market becomes more available. Hence, online stock investing becomes more prominent and relevant for the ordinary Filipinos who are willing to invest in the stock market. And here are some reasons why:
  • Convenience. The ability to trade immediately is at your convenience. As long as you have an internet connection, you can trade anytime, anywhere, and anyway!
  • Independence. With several stocks to choose from and with a real-time wealth of information available online, you have the full control to invest in any stock that you desire. With sufficient research and thorough analysis of your stocks, you have the full control of your investment and you create your own trading decisions.
  • Empowerment. Online stock trading offers the latest tools and robust technology to empower the investors to achieve their investment goals. A trading platform consists of tools and features that are deemed useful in managing one’s portfolio and providing real-time information to guide one’s trading decisions.
  • Minimum Initial Investment.  Philstocks™  requires a minimum initial investment of Php 5,000 to start investing in the stock market.
  • Lower Transaction Fees. Since online trading is a “do-it-yourself” platform, the commission is significantly lower than the broker-assisted service.